After growing up in the family business learning every aspect of jewelry design, Founder Dee Berkley set out on her own and created Dee Berkley in the Las Vegas valley in 2003 when she felt jewelry shouldn’t be just beautiful but should have meaning and capture life’s treasured moments.

Dee Berkley’s passion to make high quality, handcrafted pieces infused with positivity has established her jewelry as beautiful feel-good pieces.  This feel-good theme continues as the “do good, feel good, repeat” belief has been and remains the approach for all things Dee Berkley.  Giving back to the community is an important part of the company’s culture and is consistently priority in all marketing and sales goals.  Feeling good and making others feel good is also essential as our mission is to make our clients feel beautiful, happy and stylish in their Dee Berkley pieces.

Whether you are looking for spiritual, refined or personalized jewelry – Dee Berkley continues to make modern and chic pieces for all by merging fine and fashion.